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Who We Are

Christ Gospel Mission is a place where people can come to learn to grow in personal relationship with the one true God and not just been religious.

Our Mission

We are committed to proclaiming the unadulterated Word of God with signs and wonders, planting vibrant churches in nations of the world and developing leadership until Jesus Christ comes back

We focus on teaching, learning and living the pure word of God to:

  • Understand and apply the word of God for a fulfilled daily living.
  • Develop children, teenagers, and adults with character of service to God and our community.
  • Restore family relationships so that marriages and parent-children relationships are satisfying.
  • Experience God’s love that heals, repairs and gives sure joy.
  • Develop people that will showcase Jesus in their daily living and actions so that the Gospel of Jesus is known by All. 

Our Focus 


  • Aug 1969

    Founding of CGMI

    Founding base mission was established in 1969, with the first meeting in Lagos Nigeria led by the founding G.O Late Rev. Daniel Ogunkanmi.

  • May 2008

    Church Launch in US

    The first inaugural US meeting of our church in Lanham Maryland was in 2008 led by Rev. Johnson Olatuyi.


Our team of Pastors and Volunteer Leaders work together to build life-giving relationships and serve everyone around us in love.
Rev Johnson - CGMI US National overseer

Reverend Dr. Johnson Olatuyi

Serving as the National Overseer of Christ Gospel Mission churches in the US, Rev Johnson is dedicated to serving with love. He has been in Pastoral minitstry for over 30 years and he’s known for his Godly counsel that has helped reshape lives.

+ 1 (301) 577-4058

Reverend Victoria Olatuyi

As the lead Pastor at our Lanham Maryland location Reverend Victoria is leading a mission for all to know Christ & grow to be like Him in character and deeds.

+ 1 (301) 577-4058

Gbenga Adigun

Serving as the lead Pastor of the Chicago church, he’s committed to helping his community understand and apply the ways of God for productive living.

+1 (847)387-7579