Anointing With Fresh Oil- CGM 2019 Theme

Anointing For Signs and Wonders (Prayer Day 30)

Bible Reading: Mark 16:15-18


  Any ministry or life without signs and wonders will not arrest the attention of unbelievers. Jesus says: ”Without signs and wonders, these people would not believe.” This generation of vipers would not be attracted to our ministry if there is no difference between them and us. Signs and wonders make the ministry more pronounced and captivating. That is, the attention of sinners would be arrested and they would submit all that they think are ‘powers’ in their hands. It would confirm that Jesus is different from all other dead gods that they are serving to be alive. This generation is seeking signs and wonders. We demonstrate the miraculous for the glory of the living God not as entertainment. Every child of God should tap into this realm of grace to convince the dying world that Jesus is alive and not dead.


  1. Thank you, Jesus, for blessing our lives and ministries with signs and wonders.
  2. By the blood of the Lamb, we remove all that have hindered signs and wonders in your lives and ministry.
  3. Father, confirm our ministrations, witnessing and lives with mighty signs and wonders from today in Jesus’ name.
  4. Ancient of days, burst forth with mighty miracles in this Church in Jesus’ name. 
  5. Let this power of old be released now and begin with me O Lord. 
  6. Thank God that as from today, the blind shall see, the lame shall walk and the dumb shall speak in Jesus’ name. 
  7. As we lay our hands on the sick, they shall be healed.  The possessed, obsessed or oppressed shall be set free.
  8. We terminate every form of barrenness whether spiritual, physical, social, mental, financial etc. in Jesus’ name. 
  9. We claim the anointing of fresh oil for fruitfulness in our bodies, finances, academics, marriages, businesses, e.t.c.
  10. Our church membership shall no more be few in Jesus’ name. We decree and declare exceedingly fruitful children, exceedingly fruitful youths, exceedingly fruitful women and exceedingly fruitful men. 
  11. Praise God your ministry, life and family shall not remain the same any longer.
  12. Close your eyes and sing this song three (3) times with your heart and turn it to prayer: “Anointing fall on me (2x). Let the power of the Holy Ghost, fall on me. Anointing fall on me”  
  13. Rejoice and be exceedingly glad for God has answered our prayers.
  14. Render shouts of praise and jubilation before our Maker, King, Redeemer and Lord.

RSS Word For Today

  • Matthew 16:15-16 July 22, 2019
    ““But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?” Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.””
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